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HydroGraphics is a technique where printed designs are turned into liquid form. Once in liquid form, a product can be dipped to apply the design. It's also known as water transfer printing and hydro dipping. This process can be done on a number of surfaces and materials. If it can be painted and fit in our tank, it can be hydro dipped!





HydroGraphics Gallery

HydroGraphic film

Click on a category below to see some of the popular designs used in HydroGraphics. This is a small sample of images you can choose from. If you have a print in mind and it's not pictured in one of the categories below, give us a call or email us.


Wood grain

Animal print

Carbon Fiber



Check out more film samples from our vendors here:





This is only a partial list. There are many options for HydroGraphics. If you don't see an item listed above and would like a quote, give us a call or book an appointment online by clicking here.

Pricing is approximate and is subject to change based on condition of the item (cleanliness, masking of parts, size, etc.)

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