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Turn your products from Blah to Ah! with HydroGraphics

HydroGraphics is a technique where printed designs are turned into liquid form and applied to a 3D object. The designs are printed on a water-soluble film. The film is placed on top of water (heated to the appropriate temperature) and sprayed with an activator which dissolves the film and leaves the ink design on the surface. Once in liquid form, a product can be dipped to apply the design. It's also known as water transfer printing and hydro dipping. This process can be done on a number of surfaces and materials (metal, plastic, wood, etc.).

Customers often ask how durable HydroGraphics is. Eagle Eye Custom has been custom painting and airbrushing for years, and in 2017 we added HydroGraphics to our business. The great thing about having background experience in custom painting, is we know how to properly prep, paint, and clear products with durable automotive grade products. Products are prepped, sprayed with a base coat/adhesion promoter, hydro-dipped, thoroughly washed to remove film residue, and finished with automotive grade clear coat. This means the product is as durable as the clear coat on your car and can withstand high temperatures.

There are hundreds of designs for HydroGraphic film. Categories include, but are not limited to, carbon fiber, camouflage, wood grain, patriotic, designer, metal, and stone. Many films have a transparent background, which allows the customer to choose a base coat color. For example, below are two pictures of the same film with two different color backgrounds.

What's so nice about HydroGraphics is you can do as much or as little as you'd like. For example, we've had many customers that didn't want to change the look of their entire motorcycle, but just add some color or design to certain parts. Stock inner fairings often come as a matte black and we've had a lot of customers come to us for dipping those. We just had a customer that wanted his bumpers dipped in the camo pattern shown above.

There is so much you can do to make your items stand out and make them unique. The best part is, you can hydro-dip just about anything. Motorcycle parts, car and truck parts, interior trim pieces, European mounts, helmets, cell phone covers, light switch covers, table tops, the list goes on.

At Eagle Eye Custom, we have over 70 HydroGraphic films in stock. We have the ability and room to do small or large custom jobs as well as production runs. We are booking up fast but do have some openings coming up in October, so if you're interested in customizing your products with HydroGraphics, book your appointment today!

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